Salesian Cooperators' Desk

BORIVLI, FEBRUARY 01, 2012: Don Bosco would say, "Say your prayers devoutly. Perform all your duties exactly, and above all be cheerful. The Lord loves a cheerful giver." The Salesian Co-operators thought of adding sunshine and spreading cheer around as  they decided to treat the girl boarders at St Anne's, to a lunch. Most of these girls are orphans and have been brought up by the sisters. On January 28, 2012, the co-operators arrived at St Anne's High School at 11 am for an afternoon of fun and interaction with the girls.
In all there were twenty eight girls present who were very excited and eager. The Co-operators introduced themselves and enlightened the girls about their work, Don Bosco and the Salesian Family.  The girls then introduced themselves.  Most of the girls were in Std X, few others in Std IX and in Junior College.  
We began right away with a couple of team games where the girls were divided into four teams. Two games were played using newspapers which involved skill, co-ordination and team spirit.  Chocolates were distributed to the winning teams as well as to the others for their participation.  The girls and the co-operators then gathered in a circle and snacks were served.   While nibbling into the snacks, a round of mental dexterity was played.   A challenge was thrown to the girls to recite the English alphabet backwards, Z to A, without mistake.   Few of the girls took up the challenge.   Reflecting and pausing several times these girls tried their best but stumbled in between.  
After the refreshments, it was time for physical activity.  Two boisterous games, 'Musical Chairs' and 'Bombing the City' were played.  Two winners were declared for each game.  The girls then enjoyed themselves dancing to music.  'The Best Dancer' and 'Spot prizes' were also awarded to the girls who were thrilled to receive the prizes.  Finally lunch was served to whet the appetite. 
This interaction between the Salesian Co-operators and the girls brought about mutual enjoyment and pleasure.   After a thoroughly pleasant afternoon, the Co-operators took leave of the girls amidst a lot of thanks, handshaking and waving goodbyes.  Sayonara……..