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LONAVLA, NOVEMBER 30, 2009: The Cooperators of the Don Bosco, Lonavla Unit had a unique gathering on the evening of November 28, 2009 to commemorate the 150th year of the congregation.

The programme began with the Eucharistic Celebration presided over by Fr. Thomas D’Costa, the Delegate of the Cooperators. In his homily he spoke of the origin of the Cooperators started by Don Bosco and their needs. Later the aspirants along with the Fathers and Brothers organized Fete Games for the Cooperators and their families. The day ended with a fellowship meal. The programme was fruitful as many members of the families expressed their intention to join the Cooperators unit.


Claudina Pinto
PUNE, NOVEMBER 19, 2009: The second seminar on the Common Identity Card and Common Mission Statement of the Salesian family was held at Don Bosco Youth Centre, Koregaon Park, Pune on November 15, 2009 for the benefit of the members of Salesian Family of Madhya Maharashtra. 65 members of the Salesian Family attended the meeting.

Mrs. Rosy Fernandes welcomed the gathering. Fr. Elias Dias lit the lamp and conducted the prayer service. He then explained the concept of Salesian family. He said that if you really want to know the meaning of Salesian family you have to study the two documents: Common Identity Card and Common Mission of the Salesian family.

Fr. Valerian Pereira spoke in Hindi on Common Identity Card. He highlighted that the grace of communion in the Salesian family is founded on the belief that through the initiative of God and the maternal assistance of the Blessed Mother Don Bosco gave rise to an original, evangelical experience. He spelt out the characteristics traits of the Salesian spirit and what was necessary for the formation of an active fraternity. He urged all to be proud and enthused by the charismatic identity of their own family and called for collaborative ventures in order to reach out to the young in the spirit of Don Bosco.

The document Common Mission Statement of the Salesian family was dealt upon by Fr. Wilfred D’souza. He explained all the articles of the document and focused on the various aspects of the Common Mission. Fr. Bento D’souza displayed a 10 minutes movie on Community Radio. He explained to the members the meaning of it and have its venture in their neighbourhood. The provincial coordinator Mrs. Claudina Pinto put forward the resolution of Chennai Congress of the Co-operators. She told them in order to return to Don Bosco we must know more about Don Bosco. Fr. Elias Dias presided over the con celebrated mass. Mr. Isudas Parmar, from Gujarat proposed the vote of thanks. He thanked the organizers, speakers and the host unit of the Co-operators for their fine hospitality.


Ketan Gala
SHILLONG, NOVEMBER 17, 2009: The National Federation Council meeting of the Don Bosco Alumni, India was held at Bakdil Training Centre, Tura, Meghalaya- Assam from November 9-11, 2009. Mr. Edward Pinto, Mr. Kailash Parekh, Mr. Ketan Gala and Fr. Elias Dias from Mumbai province attended the meeting.

This year the Archdiocese of Shillong is celebrating its platinum jubilee. On this occasion Rector Major Pascoal Chavez visited Guwahati province. Addressing the National Federation Council of the Alumni he said that there are four types of Past Pupils. He explained that it was not on the social, religious, cultural, educational basis. In fact not all the past pupils are on the same level. The first group is those who consider being a past pupil just be default. It happened by chance. For them it is just a memory, nothing more. The second group is those who consider their passing through a Salesian institution a blessing. They consider the Salesian education they received as a moment in which they learnt to be grateful and feel affection towards Don Bosco. The third group is those who consider it not only a blessing but consider being a past pupil a commitment. Hence they feel the need to re- associate themselves with the Salesians. They are willing to commit themselves to this way of life in their social life and they are ready to be present in politics and ready to work for the welfare of all. The fourth group of the past pupils is those who consider a life lived in Don Bosco’s way is a project of life in their family, society, politics and media. Rector major encouraged the past pupils to give the best to those who receive the least.

The inaugural ceremony was held in Don Bosco school complex in Tura. The Provincial delegate of Guwahati Fr. Januarius Sangma welcomed the guests and wished them a pleasant stay in Tura. Fr. K.J. Louis, the national delegate of the past pupil, in his speech said, “The past pupil should fill the whole world with Don Bosco. The chief guest P. A. Sangma, MLA of Tura and an ex- student of Don Bosco welcomed the gathering and said that Don Bosco like Mahatma Gandhi is not a past reality but a reality of the future and the past pupils must work on this.

The first session, the minutes and accounts of the last years meeting were read and passed. Fr. K. J. Louis dealt with world statutes and found some discrepancies’ in its formulation. So the assembly asked him to write a letter and clarify the points. 2011 is the centenary of the Past Pupil Association. In this connection they discussed the world congress in Rome in October and the National Congress in the month of December 2011.
The Council visited Nokrek Biospehere Reserve, Horti Hub Rongram and Fr. George Stadler memorial school, Darenggiri and financed by the past pupil of Tura. The closing ceremony was held at Don Bosco School, Tura. The local beat group entertained the guests. Mr. Edward Pinto proposed the vote of thanks.

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