Wilfred D’Souza sdb
VASAI, AUGUST 27, 2011: When the Relic of Don Bosco arrived at Our Lady of Grace Cathedral in Papdy, Vasai on the August 11, the enthusiasm and excitement was almost tangible. The crowds seemed never ending. The whole organization was diligently and ably guided and directed by Fr. William Falcao sdb assisted by a very large dedicated band of Salesian Past Pupils.

Some of the more committed of them with their spouses were seeking more than just a passing memorable event. As the long hours of the afternoon stretched into the night, a small group gathered with their own banner, prepared to launch the Vasai Unit of the Salesian Cooperators. It was to be the fulfilment of a long cherished dream that they had nurtured for several years.

A group of them held their first meeting on the August 20, 2011 to try and understand more clearly what the vocation of a Salesian Cooperator implies and to trace the way ahead. They listened attentively, discussed at length and chalked up some practical lines of action.

We now follow them with interest and wish them a fruitful growth in the Salesian Family.


Roshan Fernandes
The units of the Federation held their AGM on July 31, 2011, at the Provincial House, Matunga Mumbai from 10.00 am. There were forty six members present with a representative and delegate from Chottaudepur and the Delegate from Chinchwad. The Lonavla and Pune Units excused themselves.
Mr. Joseph Gomes led everyone into prayer; the President Mr. Ketan Gala welcomed the gathering, the Chief Guest Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the Vice Provincial, and our newly appointed Delegate Fr. Wilfred D’Souza. In his welcoming address, Fr. D’Souza greeted the gathering and profusely thanked the outgoing Delegate Rev. Fr. Elias Dias for the wonderful work done all these years, with total dedication.
Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, the Delegates and the members from Nashik and Gujarat were felicitated with a bouquet of flowers. The Provincial Report was read out by the Secretary Mr. Wenceslaus Pinto. The Provincial Accounts were read by the Treasurer Mr. Joseph Gomes. The individual units presented their reports. The ex Delegate Rev. Fr. Elias Dias in absentia, was then given a standing ovation of thanks and appreciation for the marvelous work done for the last seventeen years.
Rev. Fr. Ajoy Fernandes a past pupil himself spoke on the unity of PP (Past Pupils). Seniors as well as the juniors together congratulated the Federation for all the reports and for maintaining the accounts well; and appreciated their active participation at the National and the Provincial level. He spoke on the Relic of Don Bosco which is the Hand that comforted and blessed millions of people; it comes now through the streets of Mumbai to bless us. He then invited the PP to look at different dimensions of: (1). Education & Culture, (2) Spiritual formation that contributes to life, (3) Fellowship and Groups with their families bonding relationship, (4) Physical Elements like the Games bonding togetherness.
Our Delegate Fr. Wilfred D’Souza said that PP is part of the Salesian Family, which has twenty eight branches, eight of which are there in India. He called for the family members of the PP to get involved; for bonding as batch mates with their past teachers; and for present SSC Students to be introduced to the Federation. Files and registers are to be well maintained. Encourage the PP in local areas to enter civil and political life example, the BMC and other public bodies. After the visit of The Relic of Don Bosco, continue the enthusiasm as we move to celebrate the bicentenary of the saint’s birth in 2015 and see how we can make Don Bosco known through the Media.
The meeting concluded at 12.15 pm with a Vote of thanks proposed by our President Mr. Ketan Gala.


Philomena Mendes
MATUNGA, JULY 25, 2011: The Salesian Cooperators as well as the SDB and FMA Delegates met together at the Provincial House on Sunday July 17, 2011, form 5pm- 8pm for their Annual General Meeting. In all thirty six Salesian Cooperators and seven sdb/fma delegates were present.
The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Wilfred D’Souza, new Provincial Salesian Family Delegate. He stressed that in our units too, we all have to journey together and we should not encourage negative attitudes towards others. We have to use our meetings to build and not to destroy.
The minutes of the last AGM were read and passed. Mrs. Claudina Pinto, Provincial Coordinator read a note of gratitude and farewell to Fr. Elias Dias, the outgoing Provincial Delegate and a standing ovation of appreciation was given to him in absentia. The Annual General Report, a summary of Activity Reports and the Statement of Accounts for the year 2010-2011 were read and passed. Lists of the programmes that are lined up for the coming year were then presented. Fr. D’Souza concluded the meeting, exhorting our units to grow in numbers, stressing the importance for initial and ongoing Formation to be guided by a local Councilor in charge of Formation, who should be prepared for this.
The members expressed a strong desire to gather round the relic of Don Bosco when it visits the Shrine at Matunga.