Past Pupil Correspondent
ANDHERI, AUGUST 19, 2010: The AGM for the year 2010-2011 was held on August 15, 2010 at 11.00 am in the Conference Room, Dominic Savio School (Andheri East). It started with a pre-session of Registrations and snacks arranged by the Past Pupil Committee.
The AGM commenced with Edgar inviting Mr. Remeth Fernandes to lead the Past Pupil’s prayer. As we were also celebrating our Independence Day all joined in singing the National Anthem. Mr. Edgar then welcomed Father Edwin Colaco to forward the proceedings.

Our Delegate, Fr. Edwin Colaco then started the proceedings with a beautiful thought on the importance of having a Vision. He then welcomed all the members (approx. forty attendees) attending the Annual General Meeting. He welcomed and thanked our Chief Guests Fr. Godfrey D Souza, the rector, Fr. Godfrey D’Sa, Fr. Glenn Lowe, Mr. Sharma and Mrs. Iyer. He also thanked all the former board members who were present for the AGM. He also welcomed the reigning board members and wished them good luck for the coming years. Father then elaborated on the AGM Agenda.

Rector Fr. Godfrey in his short talk stressed on the spirit and greatness of our country India, Few encouraging words were also given by Fr. Glen and Mrs. Iyer on the eve of Independence Day. This was followed by the reading of the annual Reports and accounts.
The Past pupils then had an open discussion to plan for the year ahead. They focussed on social, spiritual and service needs. It was followed by a brainstoming session on how to collect funds to fulfil the vision of the past pupils. The past pupils no doubt are looking forward to the future activities with optimism and hope.