Bro. Anthony Dias sdb
DAKOR, SEPT EMBER 21, 2010: The past pupils meeting took place on September 19, 2010. The meeting began with the prayer moments led by bro. Anthony. Around twenty youth had gathered for the meeting and it was nice to see some of the older students present there for the meeting.

In the second half of the meeting Mr. Hasmukh one of the resource person was called upon to give the talk to the youth. The resource person spoke on the topic of dealing with different situation in life and especially when it is easy to live life for oneself but difficult to live for another. He also spoke to them on the topic that it is important that we help each other in the different situations in life. Then the youth went for lunch after the session and came back for the second session which was taken by Fr. Mayank Parmar sdb on how to become the member of the past pupil unit and he invited the youngsters that nothing is impossible in life. He also spoke to them about the joining of the past pupils association. In the evening the past pupils were provided tea and snacks they enjoyed the day. They had a little jam session in the hall. The students were interested in having a basketball match with the boarders and they played a good game recalling the days when they used to play in their boarding days.the meeting ended on a good note and they went away saying good bye to come back for the good memories that they had cherished for their lives.