Edgar Mascarenhas
MUMBAI, JULY 21, 2009:
The Annual General Meeting of the Mumbai Provincial Federation of Don Bosco Past Pupils was held at Audio Visual Hall of the Provincial House on July 19, 2009, at 6.30 pm. The meeting began with a prayer service conducted by Don Bosco – Kurla Unit, comprising of a bhajan, the past pupils prayer and a soothing audio visual song- Make us an instrument of peace.
Thereafter the Chief Guest, Vice Provincial - Rev Fr. Ajoy Fernandes, Past Pupils Provincial Delegate- Fr. Elias Dias, Fr. Wilfred D’souza and Sr. Santanna were welcomed with floral tributes.
The secretary of the Mumbai Provincial Federation, Mr. Kailash Parekh read the annual report which spelt out the various activities undertaken by the Mumbai Federation during the period April 2008- July 2009. The Annual reports of each unit were read by the individual unit secretaries in detail.
Sister Santanna in her address informed the members that this year was dedicated to the Salesian Family. Requesting the past pupils to spread the Salesian ways of Cheerfulness and Honesty, she called for a closer working environment between the SDB and the FMA past pupils, where common activities could be undertaken. She thanked the Past pupils for inviting the FMA for the AGM and in turn invited the past pupils for THE FMA’s AGM to be held at Panjim- Goa on August 31, 2009. The Treasurer, Mr. Joseph, read the statement of accounts of Mumbai Provincial Federation for the period of April 1, 2008 to March 31, 2009. The Chief Guest Rev Fr. Ajoy commended the past pupils for the various activities undertaken by them. He summarized the contents of the reports of the various units as under:
a) The past pupils reflected tremendous love for Don Bosco.
b) A systematic connection of the association from unit, to province, to national to international levels.
c) The feeling of joy to be with each other.
d) Believing in the growth of individuals and the unit through retreats, recollections and leadership camps.
e) Out reach programmes organized within the school and the world outside.
f) Different levels in the units, the seniors, the juniors and the fresher have yet to be connected.
g) Organizing capabilities of the various units, be it sports or academic competitions.
The Provincial delegate, Fr. Elias Dias in his concluding address informed the members of the forth coming events to be undertaken by the Provincial Federation and requested a healthy participation from all the units. He praised the past pupils for the activities undertaken but also mentioned that the work done was going unnoticed. He therefore requested all the units to put up their activities on BIS or SALFAM. This would in turn help to enlighten many people who are not aware of the past pupils movement and their involvement in promoting the Salesian spirit. Fr. Elias also brought out the issue of publishing a directory of the past pupils in the SALFAM issue of January. He thanked the president Mr. Ketan Gala for his support in rejuvenating the federation. He also appreciated the work done by Mr. Joseph, who worked behind the scenes as the treasurer. He also thanked Mr. Amar and Mr. Dilip Bhatt for their contribution for a smooth running at the province level.
Finally the president concluded the meeting by proposing the Vote of Thanks. Mr. Ketan extended his sincere gratitude to the Vice Provincial, the Provincial Delegate Fr. Elias, Fr. Wilfred, Sr. Santanna , all the office bearers and all the members especially to the two members from Nashik who were present for the AGM. The meeting saw an attendance of 43 members. All the members departed after a sumptuous dinner.