Claudina Pinto MUMBAI, JUNE 29, 2009: The Annual General Body Meeting of the Salesian Cooperators of the Mumbai Province was held on June 28, 2009 in the AV hall at the Provincial House, Mumbai.

53 Cooperators from all over Mumbai were present for the same. The meeting started with a con-celebrated mass. The main celebrant was Reverend Fr. Provincial Michael Fernandes. In his homily he spoke on laity and their rightful place and functions in the church. He mentioned that there are two states in the church: Clerical state and Lay state. Further he explained these states. They have fundamental equality but functional inequality. We can see in the church as Pyramidical Structure or Collaborative Structure. In the Collaborative Structure there is lot of scope for the Laity in the Church. He encouraged the co operators to collaborate in the activities of the church.

After the mass Fr. Eliaz Dias in his power point presentation explained the identity of the cooperators, their history and the different activities of the co operatives in the province of Mumbai.

Minutes of the previous AGM and the activities of the co operators were read out by Mrs. Philomena Mendes. Mr. Christopher Gomes read out the statement of accounts for the year 2008-09. With some clarifications the accounts were passed.

Fr. Eliaz Dias appraised the co operators about the forth coming activities in the province which would include seminars, recollections, picnics, retreats, out reach programmes and joint meetings of the Salesian Family. He invited the co operators to take active part in the programmes organized for the Salesian Family this year.

Mrs. Claudina Pinto proposed the Vote of Thanks. She thanked Fr. Provincial for celebrating mass, Fr. Dias and Sr. Phyllis Fernandes fma, for their encouragement and all the co operators for their presence. The meeting ended at 7. 30 p.m.


1) 25th June 2009 – Salesian Family Commission Meeting
2) 28th June 2009 – AGM for Cooperators
3) 4th & 5th July 2009 – Seminar on Common Identity Card of the Salesian Family and
Common Mission Statement of the Salesian Family
4) 19th July 2009 – AGM for Past Pupils
5) 9th August 2009 – Picnic for the Salesian Family
6) 6th September 2009 – Recollection at Pali Hill for the Salesian Family
7) 18th October 2009 – Retreat for Cooperators
8) 1st November 2009 – Get together for the parents of the Salesians
9) 2nd November 2009 – Commemoration of Holy Souls at Sewri Cemetry
10) 14th & 15th November 2009 – Seminar on Common Identity Card of the Salesian Family
and Common Mission Statement of the Salesian Family and Joint Meeting of the
Salesian Family
11) 3rd December 2009 – Feast of St. Francis Xavier – Province Feast
12) 18th December 2009 – Renewals of Vows of the Salesian Family
13) 17th January 2010 – Salesian Family Day.
14) 21st February 2010 - Outreach programme for the Cooperators
15) 28th February 2010 - Outreach programme for the Past Pupils
16) 21st March 2010 - Day with God for the Past Pupils


Dear Members of the Salesian Family,
There was an advertisement in the newspaper inviting people forthe post of Assistant Manager in a firm. Many applied but in thefinal interview only four were chosen. The Manager gave them atest to transfer boxes from one room to another. The first one cameand said he had applied for the post of Assistant Manager and notto transfer boxes, so he left the job. The second one tried his bestbut he could not finish the work. The third one hired people but theyalso did not finish the work. Finally, the fourth one asked theManager to give him help. “What help do you need?” asked theManager. He said, “I need 50 men to work on this job”. TheManager gave him 50 men and he finished the job and he wasselected for the post of Assistant Manager.Johnny Bosco at the age of 9 had a dream which made a deep impression on his life. He saw aplayground full of street children. They were fighting, swearing and using abusive language. Amajestic person told him to put order. “But how can I?”, asked Johnny. “I am a poor boy ofBecchi. I need help”. The majestic person gave him his own mother. Our Blessed Mother puther hand on his shoulder and taught him how to go about his mission.In 1841, Don Bosco began his work in a little chapel of St. Francis of Assisi at ConvittoEcclesiastico. By 1865 he had all types of people helping him in his mission. Some wereinterns and some externs. He called them his family.What is a Salesian Family? Salesian Family refers to an Assembly of Groups, Institutions andAssociations that share Don Bosco's charism, spirituality and mission towards the young.These units were either founded directly by Don Bosco or developed after his death. Thesegroups strive to better the social world like Don Bosco who was concerned with the temporaland spiritual salvation of humanity especially its youth and working classes. These groupsmake a closely knit vast movement in the society. They have common identity card andcommon mission statement.Salfam is a link that unites all the members of the Salesian Family. The purpose of thispublication is to create a fresh communication, to foster a wider knowledge of the variousbranches of the Salesian Family and thus to enthuse apostolic involvement and collaborationin the Salesian mission. It brings to us relevant Salesian events; confront us with heroic boldSalesian ventures in the Salesian Family of the Bombay Province to work together towardsbuilding the new kingdom proclaimed by Jesus Christ.
With love and prayers,
Yours in Don Bosco
Fr. Elias Diaz
Delegate for the Salesian Family


Dear Members of the Salesian Family,
The Salfam magazine is back in your hands! Congrats to Fr. Elias Diaz and his team of helpers. At one of our meetings a collective decision was taken to revive it. It is a need to know
more about each other and the happenings in each unit. Now it is your duty to keep the magazine going with contributions by way of articles and news items. This year we are also revamping the Salesian Family office at the provincial house. I have assigned Fr. Wilfred D'Souza to assist Fr. Diaz. The Salesian Family Council has been enlarged and they are going to give us more direction in our works. They have planned some common meetings and activities. So it is going to be fun meeting, learning and working together. I am also happy to note that there is growth in some of the units. There are new members and younger ones too. Kudos to those who have worked towards this growth. Two young ladies have come forward and want to be enrolled as Volunteers of Don Bosco. So this is another branch of our family, which we have not had in our province so far. I am happy to welcome them to the Salesian Family. Many of our units and family members are doing a lot of good work. But most of these are not known to the others. At times we work in our own units or settings and do not have a common project to sponsor. Hence this year we have taken Project Karjat. We are starting a new institution for Street Kids and will need a number of household items. The Fathers from Karjat will prepare a list and accordingly you can make contributions from your units for this project. I wish you the very best in this year and let us keep the Salesian Family flag flying high always. Let us learn from each other, support one another, work together and grow together into one big Salesian family.
Yours affectionately,
Fr. Michael Fernandes, sdb

SALFAM - News Bulletin 1